Take Me a_Part, The Remixes

Take Me a_Part, The Remixes

On Kelela’s debut album, Take Me Apart, producers Jam City, Bok Bok, and Arca leaned into a synth-streaked tomorrow while the singer glanced back at classic R&B. This remixes collection pulls her elastic sound in even more directions. Some are old-school: Joey LaBeija slows “Better” into Detroit house’s loping groove, while serpentwithfeet triggers silky ’90s flashbacks by adding his own voice to Kelela’s multi-tracked chorus. Others chart club music’s global future: DJ Lag brings the staggering drums and stabbing keys of South African gqom, while Nídia funnels the chunky percussion of Portuguese batida into a crisply stepping bass assault. The balance of raw rhythmic energy and ethereal production is perfected on Divoli S’vere’s ballroom-ready remix of “Truth or Dare,” in which hammering kicks are wrapped in velvety harmonies.

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