Supermoon - EP

Supermoon - EP

“Ultimately, Young Enough is an album about hope,” Eva Hendricks tells Apple Music of her indie rock outfit's 2019 breakthrough. “An album about wanting to make it to the other side and not wanting to feel like you lose yourself to the painful experiences that you go through in life.” Coming just six months after Young Enough’s release, the Supermoon EP is meant to be an epilogue—five songs that didn’t make the album but easily could have, with corresponding artwork and lyrical themes. “Once everything was recorded, it quickly became apparent which songs told the story in the best way,” Hendricks says. “But we loved these songs: They fill in the narrative of Young Enough and show how we got there. We knew that there’d be a moment for them, and this felt like the right time.” Here, Hendricks walks you through the entire EP track by track. Feed “There is a comic book that I really love called Love and Rockets, and there's one issue where a character descends into madness because they're so obsessed with taking care of other people. There's this really great panel where she says, ‘I would feed the whole world if I could,’ and I thought that that was so perfect and heartbreaking, because people-pleasing is something I really struggle with. You hear that all over Young Enough, like on ‘Capacity,’ which ‘Feed’ preceded. When you love people so much and want them to be happy and want to take care of them, it’s a very quick way to lose yourself. No one can really change another person that much. If someone is depressed or hurting or upset, you can be there for them, but you can't ever really fix it, and sometimes that’s a really brutal truth to face.” Supermoon “I think everyone has this tendency: When a relationship is new, you're like, ‘Oh my god, no, this one is so good. We never fight. It's amazing. We work so well together. Nothing ever goes wrong.’ To me, the first fight in a relationship—not like bickering, but the first real fight—always feels really bad because you kind of lose that feeling. You're like, ‘Oh man, it's just going to be a normal relationship, like every other.’ And that's comforting, but it can also be kind of sad. I’d planned to see the supermoon, to go up on the roof and really make a night of it. And instead I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend at the time and I was like, ‘This is bullshit. I didn't even get to see the supermoon.’” Heaven “I’m happy to report that this is just a happy song. It’s about what comes before ‘Supermoon,’ when you were just so crazy about someone and feel like they bring so much hope and excitement to your life. It's funny that ‘Heaven’ came out before Young Enough, because it was actually the last song we recorded. When we put it out [as a single], we were so pleased with the response because it was so unexpected. We've felt ever since like it really deserved a home.” Slingshot “I had a coworker at the coffee shop where I used to work who described me like a slingshot. He was like, ‘Emotionally, you're always pulled back and just ready to go nuts. You're always in that state of, if one thing could snap, then you'll just rocket to the moon.’ I went home and wrote that song, about kind of struggling with anxiety and sort of feeling a little bit helpless to my own crazy emotion. And it made me laugh even though it's a little sad. Sometimes you sit down to write a song and you're expecting to be chipping away at something and hoping for the best, but this just came out all in one shot.” Threat “Young Enough is a record that focuses primarily on a really abusive relationship, but ‘Threat’ was the first time I was able to really write about that experience—I had been afraid to go any further. I think your twenties are this time when people tend to be very dramatic. And I just remember that relationship ending and the person saying over and over again, ‘No one's ever going to love you more than I do.’ Basically: ‘You just messed up your whole life, because this is the best you're ever going to get.’ And that’s so sad looking back, because that was the worst relationship I've ever been in. I think it’s something that a lot of people can relate to—whether it's that exact experience or not—when someone is loving you in a way that feels very possessive and very controlling.”

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