Stellar Motel

Stellar Motel

Former Soul Coughing leader Mike Doughty has been exorcising his demons for years. With the crowd-funded Stellar Motel, he’s finally beyond re-casting his Soul Coughing tunes for his audience’s sake and focusing on new tracks for his own pleasure. Working with producer DJ Good Goose, who’s worked with Doughty in varying capacities in the past, there are touches of hip hop tossed in throughout the album, while Doughty’s straight-ahead pop songs also cruise past as always. “When the Night Is Long” sounds like another classic Doughty tune, while tunes like “Oh My God Yeah F*** It,” featuring Moon Hooch & Miss Eaves, “Let Me Lie" (featuring Big Dipper), and “Let’s Go to the Motherf*****g Movies” all make use of hip-hop, with and without special guests. Doughty’s best at his most melodic; the simpler pop moves of “When You Come Home” and “The Brightness” (which features hip-hop elements) prove he hasn’t lost his touch. 

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