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Tvproducer ,

Exceptional Sountrack - Exceptional Film

It was 1988 and I was living in Midland, Texas. The film with Jodie Foster came out about the same time as THE ACCUSED. STEALING HOME didn't garner much critical interest as the critics were down on Mark Harmon at the time. But Jodie Foster said it was one of her favorites. The reason she suggested it didn't do well? "Some people just don't get it." Ah, but some really did. I was one of them. I saw the film at lesat a dozen times with my girlfriend then who also loved the film. In THX it was incredible.

It was a cerebral coming of age film but almost in reverse in a nostalgic treak back home for Mark Harmon's character and Katie (Foster) who though had been the light of life for so many couldn't really deal with the decline of hers. In that exit, and placing her ashes in Billy Wyatt's hands it brought him back from never getting over his father's death as a younger man... and later as an adult not really reaching his dreams either. Confessing to his friend Alan Appleby, "I've been lost for the past ten years." Katie was the one who reminded him of his identity after his father was killed about age 18 and then reminded him later in life to get back to his dream even if in minor league or smaller farm team Baseball. In some ways it was like the Big Chill but without a major ensemble cast. Filming too - there were some incredible choices of shots like one that starts off on Blair Brown and her friends on the front porch and then the crane slowly pulls up to the second story with Billy and Katie out on the roof. David Fosters electric piano subtle in the background for the transition. Film rarely gets better.

David Foster's music was haunting at times, gentle at others, kind, melacholy and yet optimistic. The major hit (another couldn't believe it wasn't) AND WHEN SHE DANCED came out at time when ballads or love songs were out and the edgy dance music of the 80s was in. Country was also on a decline then. Talk radio was just getting started and it was really a bad time for radio in general. MTV was still hot but the country was on the skids much like we are now. It was a really challenged time of life and this film (among others) just didn't hit with audiences. Ticket sales in general for films were low and there really weren't many hot titles either. Bright Lights Big City with Micahel J. Fox kind of summed up busniess back then and so many burned out of cocaine.

Like St. Elmo's Fire STEALING HOME is hauntingly some of David Foster's greatest work. Check out both the film and the sountrack. Its on my ipod.

The Dalester ,

Finaly on I-tunes!

One of my all time fave soundtracks. David Foster's work on this (as well as countless others) is flawless. "And when she danced" should have been a monster hit in my opinion.

voorheez ,

It's all about the David Foster

The man knows how to work a theme and his contributions to this soundtrack lifted the movie itself to another level. Plus, as it appears he'll never make another complete album, we've gotta enjoy his own work when and where we can.

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