Songs for Tuesdays

Songs for Tuesdays

The Summer Cats are an Australian quintet who create sun-kissed, upbeat tunes perfect for bouncing around the living room. Short and snappy — 13 songs in just 32 gleeful minutes — Songs for Tuesdays boasts buoyant keyboard riffs, jangling, fuzzy guitars, and verse/chorus/verse pop perfection that merges 1960s garage rock and modern indie rock seamlessly. The album’s brevity is part of the appeal in that it makes you want more, while the alternating male/female lead vocals keep the songs from running together too much or simply sounding the same. The bulk of the songs move along at a sprightly clip (standout tracks include “Let’s Go,” “Super,” “Lonely Planet,” and “St. Tropez”) while “In June” and “Wild Rice” are a touch melancholic and slower without halting the momentum a bit. Filled with crisp and clever lyrics and hummable multi-part harmonies these playful cats know just how to bring these bright tunes to life. Tight and super catchy, Songs for Tuesdays delivers a concentrated dose of irresistibly hooky pop.

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