So Runs the World Away

So Runs the World Away

Josh Ritter creates music that falls through the cracks. It defies easy categorization; it dances to its own beat; it sounds like folk music that is haunted by its own particular ghosts. The Idaho-born songwriter explores many deep concepts on his fifth studio album, writing a novel tentatively titled Bright’s Passage while completing this album. “The Curse” was the song that formed the record, focusing on a Victorian archaeologist that led Ritter to seek more information about science and, specifically Newton and his concept of gravity and beyond. One need not be versed in the sciences to enjoy the murder- ballad destiny of “Folk Bloodbath” or the casual bounce of “Lark.” These are tunes still built on the belief that a well-spoken vocal and a gentle ensemble performance can cut through to the heart. “Another New World” spreads out over seven minutes with a great swell of dynamics supporting this tale to nowhere that evokes Donovan in his search for Atlantis.

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