So Far So Good (lofi remixes)

So Far So Good (lofi remixes)

The Chainsmokers’ 2022 record So Far So Good found the EDM duo embracing a distilled version of its usual thing—no features, fewer bells and whistles, and a more mature approach to the themes that had preoccupied its output up to that point. It was hailed as a major step in its artistic growth and, with a lack of the usual collaborative efforts (for the most part), a more cohesive vision of what makes Drew Taggart and Alex Pall special as music makers in their own right. Later the same year, they put out a lo-fi version of these personal songs, which made them even more intimate. The result is a Chainsmokers record that sounded like nothing they’d done before. While the original mixes of So Far So Good mostly eschewed club bangers and massive drops, the lo-fi versions don’t punch at all. Instead, they throb with warmth and washy synths that sound about as close as one would expect to hear on a Chainsmokers ambient record. Gone are the driving drums of lead single “High,” replaced by a gentler, more reflective atmosphere, and the ‘80s pop of “iPad” becomes all pulse and muted vocals, creating a melancholic dream. “I Love U” gets pared down to almost nothing, turning into something like a romantic meditation. The original version of So Far So Good revealed another side to The Chainsmokers, in both vibe and songwriting—it seemed like it’d left the sometimes near-nihilism of its hard-partying youth in the rearview mirror. But the lo-fi remixes peel back yet more layers, showing a dynamic range by going almost to the opposite extreme from its early days. It’s a thoughtful set that opts for self-reflection and stillness instead of the club.

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