Screaming Life / Fopp (Remastered)

Screaming Life / Fopp (Remastered)

Upon its 1987 appearance, Screaming Life, Soundgarden's first EP, made it apparent that the alternative scene—which had started with punk and new wave and from there rallied against arena rock and classic rock—had come full circle and was now the breeding ground for a band openly influenced by Led Zeppelin. Chris Cornell’s shirtless postures and vocal wails were closer to Robert Plant than to Joe Strummer or Henry Rollins, and the waves of guitar driving “Hunted Down,” “Entering," and “Nothing to Say” were jammed with riffs from ‘70s hard rock bands. 1988’s Fopp cleaved closer toward the grunge that their label Sub Pop was becoming known for, with covers of Green River’s “Swallow My Pride” and The Ohio Players’ “Fopp” and the rough ’n’ randy “Kingdom of Come.” “Sub Pop Rock City” appeared on Sub Pop 200 but never quite became the anthem it sounds like.

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