The cosmopolitanism of her hometown Port Harcourt infuses the sound of Morravey’s debut album, traversing Afrobeats, R&B, amapiano, and highlife. The DMW 2.0 signee’s breakout came on “IN THE GARDEN”—from Davido’s 2023 album, Timeless—and RAVI marks the beginning of her own journey. “PH is a place that has different tribes, languages, and people,” Morravey tells Apple Music. “Growing up there, with different types of cultures and behaviors, helped my music and versatility.” The outcome of that upbringing is a debut EP that merges styles and creates moods through its fluid lyricism. “With different songs you catch different vibes,” Morravey says. “I combined different things and tried to be myself at the same time. I want to touch different areas of society and want different people to have something to relate to.” Assessing love, her surroundings, and aspirations across five tracks, Morravey outlines her journey up to this point. “This is one dream coming true,” she shares. “There’s been a lot of growth coming from church, listening to different kinds of music, and trying to find myself. RAVI is an introduction to me.” Here, she talks us through the EP, track by track. “WHAT IS LOVE” “I watched a movie before the studio session on this day. When I heard this beat I was thinking about how love, while I was growing up, was a very sweet and wonderful thing. Right now, it’s complicated in society—people are giving different rules and regulations! ‘Make you feel like a sheep in a wolfpack’ means first they deceive you, then they start treating you like you don’t belong. None of this looks like the love we saw when we were children. Reality has hit most of us, and it’s heartbreaking.” “HIGH AGAIN” “This is a dance record that speaks about living comfortably and making the most of my life while I can. While you’re stressing about me, I’m living my best life, ’cause you have to [while you have the chance]. Nigerians are happy people. We have lots of problems, I’m not gonna lie, but we don’t like focusing on the negative. We like feeling good, and dancing makes us happy, so I made this a danceable song to forget our problems and just chill [to].” “CONDO” “I’m a very spiritual person, so before any session I pray to God for what I’m about to create. I pray, go to the studio, hear random beats, process them, then create melodies. With ‘CONDO’ it’s mostly vibes—it gives you this PH kind of vibe. ‘I no dey dey, where money no dey/No dey give me indomie’—‘indomie’ means something else in PH slang; it’s like saying, ‘Stop lying to me. You can’t deceive me, so stop whining me.’ It’s a lifestyle thing.” “MY BABY” “There’s this thing about love—when you’re in love with somebody, you just make melodies randomly. The first line is, ‘You’re making melodies easy for me, the way I like it.’ You’re washing your clothes and just start singing for no reason! So ‘MY BABY’ is a traditional song for lovers, weddings, and stuff. It’s a danceable, highlife song about everything love and music.” “MAGICIAN” (feat. Davido) “Working with Davido is amazing! He’s a very wonderful and supportive person. ‘MAGICIAN’ talks about how I was freestyling and how I eventually got signed [by him]. It’s about my story and how everything is going well now. I’m working with my idol—somebody that has always been my mentor [from afar], somebody I was always looking up to. It’s the story before, the story now, and how it’s going to be—and that’s that ‘Billboard na me get am’ line.”

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