Primordial Arcana

Primordial Arcana

Inspired by and steeped in the wonders of the natural world, Wolves in the Throne Room are American black metal’s foremost spiritual conjurors. The band’s seventh album, Primordial Arcana, is their first self-contained work—recorded, produced, and mixed by drummer Aaron Weaver, guitarist/vocalist Nathan Weaver, and guitarist Kody Keyworth at their own Owl Lodge Studios in the Cascadian Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It’s also the first WITTR record for which Keyworth was involved from the beginning. “He was there for the very first stirrings of the conceptual framework all the way through the persnickety details of the final polish,” Aaron tells Apple Music. “So, there’s a vitality and a freshness to the record, like a cool breeze flowing down off of a mountaintop, and I attribute part of that to Kody’s presence and third perspective.” Below, Aaron offers a poetic interpretation of each song. “Mountain Magick” “There is a feeling that I love, standing high in the mountains under the full moon. Lunar light glittering upon the surface of an alpine lake. Beckoning my soul to journey into the very stones. In the heart of the mountain, I begin to feel the presence of elemental spirits. The mountain is alive.” “Spirit of Lightning” “I feel summer daylight in the mountains. There is a hunting lodge here. A wild river rushing nearby. Horned God! Bring bounty, vitality, and strength to the people. The spirit of swiftness is called forth. The arrows are blessed. Wild feasting and celebration after the successful hunt. Mead and meat served in epic quantities. Cernunnos is praised!” “Through Eternal Fields” “Autumn sunlight through leaves in the forest. Waterfalls at golden hour. Waterfall spirits draw me deeper into the mystery. To the castle in the forest. My beloved is there. Radiant energy fills me with peace. My eternal loneliness has ended.” “Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)” “Tantric union of fire and ice. Cosmic forces intertwine, conjoin. Serpent channels in the body open to healing magic. The source of creativity, of art, of magic is unleashed. Call upon the eagle as your protector...for the spinning green electricity is hot, too hot for some.” “Underworld Aurora” “This song is a true invocation of the goddess: Freya, Inanna, Babylon. In the form of a bear. A serpent. Dancing, conjuring in the desert. Goddess! Blow upon the fires in our forge. The sun rises, new life emerges.” “Masters of Rain and Storm” “A return to the Stone Throne Room, royal seat of the cult of the snake. Here, the mountain magic flows. Storm cloud waterfalls exploding with power. Sun-bleached fallen trees in the glory of the wildflower season. There are spirits deep under the mountain. Their fires and drums rage.” “Eostre” “Have we been in this glade before? Time loops back...a stream nearly forgotten. A cloaked figure crouches next to the body of the dying king. When you awake, the world will be born anew.”

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