Playing video games has served as a reprieve for many during the lockdown, but for Oli Sykes, these virtual post-apocalyptic adventures also influenced the shaping of Bring Me The Horizon's new EP. Drawing inspiration mainly from DOOM Eternal, the Sheffield quintet tapped Mick Gordon, who composed that game's soundtrack, to produce this collection and capture the spirit of a big-budget video game. The angsty "Dear Diary," begins the record with an airing of grievances, the LINKIN PARK-leaning "Teardrops" channels nu-metal's glory days, and tracks like "Parasite Eve" and "Ludens" build off the heavier moments from 2019's amo. The EP features collaborators that span multiple genres: "Kingslayer" fuses Suicide Season-era deathcore with BABYMETAL's kawaii metal stylings, while "Obey" weaponizes YUNGBLUD's raspy vocals alongside Sykes' menacing growl to tackle societal oppression and corruption. And the haunting kiss-off "One Day the Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest as You March Towards Your Death" features a chilling duet between Sykes and Evanescence's Amy Lee, the track's glacial funeral march offering nothing more than a bleak look into the future.

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