9 Songs, 1 Hour 3 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
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117 Ratings

benschlachter ,


Finally. Blood Eagle slaps harder than I was slapped as a kid with the wooden spoon.

Nsjohn130 ,

A Periphery Album. Period.

Super fun album. Period. It must have been a blast making this. This is the power of a band unleashed from a label. They do everything here. It’s heavy, it’s soft, it’s majestic. It ‘goes up like an eagle and down like a wounded ox’.

It’s also very different from other albums in that they depart from previous ‘Periphery’ boundaries- which is a good thing.

It’s not my instant favorite album of theirs- that will always belong to Juggernaut. I think the thing I loved about a concept story album like Jugs is how focused it all is (and has to be) to tell the story. The comes through in the listening experience. It’s something more, something extra.

No album will have the same vibe, ever, due to the uniqueness of it all.

P4 reminds me a lot of P2 not in the sense of the instrumentation, but in what sounds like they are having a lot of fun. I hear a certain level of exultation on it that I heard on P2.

Favs are Reptile, Blood Eagle, Satellites, Smiles. I have this feeling that Crush is going to really grow on me. They could make an entire industrial-electronic-metal-future concept album based off that track that would be such a departure from ‘Periphery’ but it would BANG. Do it!

I constantly have “There must have been something in the water”, “Soil we own, order back in what we know” ..love that descending line.

“Rip a hole in my life, but no matter the things I do, never get over it. I said goodbye from a place so far, I’m under ..the truth..”

“Where is the love in the bend and the break? This is our home. A cut upon the skin, they’re always sharp, in the begin-ninnggg”.

Just awesome guys.

Hsjeoend ,


This is by far the best Periphery album to date!!!! Reptile is INSANE!

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