One Mix with Jeff Mills (DJ Mix)

One Mix with Jeff Mills (DJ Mix)

It’s appropriate that Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills would relaunch Apple Music's One Mix series—a showcase of the world’s best DJs and producers in the mix—with a set inspired by the cosmos. The DJ/producer, known appropriately as The Wizard, has spent the last 30-plus years pushing techno into new frontiers, and his exclusive One Mix is no exception. Not only does his set—which he calls Outer to Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix—feature tracks from his Axis Records catalog, but it also kicks off One Mix in immersive Spatial Audio. Check back each month as more of dance music's finest DJs helm One Mix with Dolby Atmos, and read on for a message from Mills about his set. “The purpose of this recording was conceptualized and designed to stimulate the listener's three-dimensional senses and sensations using the subject and idea of breaking Earth’s gravitational pull and leaving the planet. The embarkment to a place outside and unlike our own. With this immersive sound experience also came certain aspects that needed to be addressed: ones that use our psychological responses, like anticipation and mystery, the risks and danger of such a journey, and, most importantly, the translation of the feeling that 'a step forward' has been taken.” —Jeff Mills

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