O.G. Original Gangster

O.G. Original Gangster

Ice-T opens his fourth album by recapping career highlights such as "Colors" and "I'm Your Pusher," but O.G. Original Gangster makes clear his ongoing potency: This 1991 album is one of his best. Packed with funky West Coast grooves, the record makes a musical statement even without Ice's words. Best pay attention, though, as one of the game's most distinctive voices drops street wisdom that ranges from defenses of the gat-toting, dope-slinging lifestyle and explanations of his use of the N- and B-words to critiques of government and Redd Foxx-style dirty jokes. O.G. also marks the debut of his heavy-metal side project Body Count with its eponymous theme song. More than just a crossover move, the track demonstrates the open-mindedness of a great hip-hop artist.

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