My Room In The Trees

My Room In The Trees

Karen Peris has a voice that can convey sorrow at any speed. With Lancaster, PA's the Innocence Mission, Peris has been one of the unparalleled vocal masters of heartbreak for over twenty years. Her group's somber authority lends great power to everything they touch, and their loose informality brings the gentle sense that you are in the room with them as they discover their songs. "The Happy Mondays" comes flowing with the sound of a stool squeak somewhere in the mix. The straightforward melodies and pure emotional resonance of "Rain (Setting Out In The Leaf Boat" and "God Is Love" draw from both the folk tradition and the guileless wonder of John Denver (to whom IM once paid tribute). The gorgeous fingerpicking and atmospheric enhancements of "Spring" create an incomparable beauty. This isn't music concerned with keeping up with the latest trends, but rather remaining true to their pursuit of the musical vision they began chasing so many years ago. Their consistency is stunning. They're incapable of a false note. Any of their albums is worth hearing, but My Room In the Trees is surely one of their most enticing.

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