My Brother the Cow (Expanded Version)

My Brother the Cow (Expanded Version)

Reuniting with producer Jack Endino, who played a major role in the Seattle grunge sound, Mudhoney delivered My Brother the Cow, one of their strongest albums to date. Singer Mark Arm channels his usual transcendent yowl, this time taking on his contemporaries with the bitter rant of “Into Yer Shtik” and “Generation Spokesmodel” where the years of watching friends and acquaintances wilt in the media limelight lead Arm and the band to some uncompromising conclusions and musical explosions. These are some of Mudhoney’s best tunes in years (“What Moves the Heart,” “In My Finest Suit”). The extra cuts added to the Expanded Edition, mostly silly little asides, provide a well-rounded view of the band. Only “Not Goin’ Down That Road Again” is essential, but the 49 seconds of “West Seattle Hardcore” is a deliberate goof, while the minute of “Sissy Bar” and “Carjack ‘94” are bizarre twists of novelty. No one will confuse these with great songwriting but they provide comic relief to a band that was always about taking angst and giving it a good ride.

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