MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad

MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad

Feid saw some of his early successes in music on posse cuts. Yet before too long, the Colombian star became one of the most ubiquitous and popular artists in reggaetón. Following the challenges of his leaked 2022 full-length, the subsequently named FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS FERXXO TE PIRATEAMOS EL ÁLBUM, he proved resilient and inescapable with the career-high hit “Classy 101” opposite Young Miko. With 2023 in its final months, he unleashes MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad, an album that demonstrates his dominant position in the genre while exploring other nocturnal-club and brighter pop-rock styles. The collaborations come fast and furious, from Sean Paul’s dancehall energy on “Niña Bonita” to Rema’s Afrobeats vibes on “BUBALU” to Cupido’s alt-balladic glow on “PRIVILEGIOS,” to say nothing of the reggaetón rumbles with Ryan Castro and Ñengo Flow. Read more about MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad below—in his own words. “VOL 2” “I'm always trying to explain to people that I'm not into street stuff. I just want to be a good performer, a good artist. In this song, I'm saying that I really enjoy reggaetón as music. I'm talking about the music team that I've been working with since a lot of years, being in Los Angeles in a big-ass mansion, waking up with them and having breakfast, and they then just start doing music. It's special for me. It's like a dream coming true. It's like a lot of hidden messages in my music, and in my career. This is a Volume Two of something, of a lost album maybe.” “VENTE CONMIGO” “I did the whole song sitting in front of the mic. I started putting out the melodies in one shot. That kind of thing doesn't happen often. I really take care of the lyrics of the song, trying to feel the vibe of the melodies and what vocals I'm saying, to put the correct lyrics on it. It feels like a wave, like I'm surfing a song, and I'm not letting the sun go down. I'm just going up and up and up and up.” “Niña Bonita” (feat. Sean Paul) “I'm a superfan of Sean Paul's music, so it was so cool. It was the task that we have, having two huge artists and just finding the correct song. We did four or five songs for him, but I think that he picked that special one because I really wanted to put the punky vibes on this one. And I think that we did it.” “GANGSTERS Y PISTOLAS” (feat. Ñengo Flow) “Ñengo Flow, for me, is a huge artist from Puerto Rico. He went so big in Colombia. He has a lot of songs that were so big in Medellín. It's special when I bring this kind of artist to my music and when I can be friends [with] them—especially with Ñengo. He was the only guy who called me and asked me about my bike accident. He always was sending me cool vibes. I really enjoy people who feel real.” “FERXXO 151” (feat. ICON) “A few months back, I showed this song to C. Tangana, and he told me like, ‘Bro, if you play just the arpeggio to that song, I think that they can do a brand-new song like Pharrell with it.’ It's so smart for the guys doing this, this arpeggio from scratch. It is all about that sound. Then you have the bassline, the drums, then you have me singing low and then higher.” “BUBALU” (feat. Rema) “When you play Rema on your playlist when you're driving, or when you're in a boat, or just doing a barbecue on Sundays, it's so cool. Even in the club, it gives you a different vibe. It depends on the things that you have around. Doing a song with Rema was a perfect combination of me doing music to make people feel better, and that's what Rema music makes me feel. So for me, this collaboration is a dream collaboration on this album.” “RITMO DE MEDALLO” (feat. Ryan Castro) “Right now, [in] Medellín, the soundtrack of the city, it’s a lot of Ferxxo songs and Ryan Castro songs. So we did it one time two years back with ‘Monastery.’ Now we are doing it again. It's something that came from the roots from Medallo, from the streets. It is a whole vibe, a party song, a club song, a hard reggaetón song. They called this kind of song like ‘dark perreo,’ those kinds of songs that you just want to perrear with your girl in the corner, just feeling yourself with her, and just enjoy the song.” “FERXXO EDITION” “That's my own brand of reggaetón, the Ferxxo edition. It's not like I'm trying to do this way of reggaetón or this is my formula. This is my way to do reggaetón.” “NX TX SIENTAS SOLX” “We have a lot of sounds of the night, because I think a lot of people start overthinking more in the night than in the morning. So this song is for all those people who are kind of lost doing something, that just don't want to be alone, or they just want to stop overthinking. I recommend this song, because this song has a special vibe.” “LUCES DE TECNO” “I'm not a super expert guy on techno music or EDM. I just really enjoy doing these kind of rhythms or the drum lines, the basslines that techno music has. It's hard work to live in that world, being a reggaetón artist, and then just trying to put all the lyrics that I have on my mind for reggaetón in a different genre. This is like techno Feid music.” “EY CHORY” “That outro is why Sky went to the studio that day. I was telling him, ‘Bro, there's something missing on it.’ He just started clicking and putting samples and everything. I think he did a super cool outro. He just sampled a lot of old reggaetón lyrics and made that so perfect for people that are going to be in the clubs just dancing to this song.” “VELOCIDAD CRUCERO” “I remember that we were talking about the cruise speed, because we'd been driving all day in a Cadillac Escalade. We were talking about, ‘There's no songs asking a girl, “Hey, how was your day?”’ It's a cool thing for a reggaetón song, because you can say a lot of things in this kind of music, explicit things. There's a lot of ways to end a bad day up better. There is a bad way to feel in life, like you're not driving, you are just flowing with the cruise speed when you are doing everything.” “ROMÁNTICOS DE LUNES” “There's a lot of people who hate Mondays. But I love Mondays, because there's the first day of the week, the first day of working out, eat a super huge breakfast, or whatever. That specific day, I remember that we drank a lot of Palomas. That is a Mexican cocktail. We went so romantic just talking about life and relationships. So this is a romantic song that we wrote on a Monday.” “el único tema del ferxxo” (feat. Young Cister and Pailita) “It was a song that I wrote a random Sunday at my house, just me and the keyboard, playing chords and writing lyrics. Then Wainxxo did this whole beat, and he put it where it is right now. We went to Chile like the next week. [Young Cister and Pailita] were at my show. I was so high because of all the people screaming Pailita's name, Young Cister's name. I played them the song in the backstage and they loved it.” “PRIVILEGIOS” (feat. Cupido) “I'm a super huge megafan of this band. I discovered them in 2018, 2019. It was a long time since I heard music that I really enjoy in the car, or just want to play this song to my friends. So I really appreciate the love of them just jumping in on this song. They handled the production. I sent them my voice with chords. I really respect them a lot.”

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