Monchy y Alexandra - Éxitos

Monchy y Alexandra - Éxitos

While the stylistic innovations of artists like Juan Bautista, Anthony Santos, and Blas Duran did much to expand Bachata’s audience beyond its rural working-class base, no Bachata artist gained a significant following outside the borders of the Dominican Republic until the beginning of the ‘00s, when Monchy y Alexandra’s debut single “Hoja en Blanco” became a major hit in the United States. This unprecedented success can be attributed, at least in part, to the production and songwriting talents of Martires de Leon, whose infectious compositions often incorporated elements borrowed from Vallenatos, a contemporary Colombian music that, like Bachata, originated as a rural folk form and is characterized by languid tempos and romantic lyrics. Monchy y Alexandra continued to enjoy success with Martires de Leon’s compositions until their dissolution in 2008. This collection compiles 15 of the duo’s most popular recordings, drawing mostly from their first two full-lengths, 2000’ Hoja en Blanco and 2002’s Confessiones.

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