minisode 3: TOMORROW

minisode 3: TOMORROW

Five years after their debut, TOMORROW X TOGETHER takes the time to reflect back on their journey so far. From a short, Morse-code-only track that calls back to the iconic opening of debut single “CROWN” to a song called “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” to another about connecting with their past selves, minisode 3: TOMORROW is the K-pop quintet’s most self-referential album to date. Imagined as mini-album interludes between chapters of a larger musical story, TXT’s “minisode” series began with 2020’s minisode1 : Blue Hour, a breezy five-track pop album written during the initial phases of the pandemic that tells the story of a teen boy struggling to ground himself in a changing world. The story got more intense with 2022’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, a five-track exploration of the feelings of grief, anger, and denial that can come with someone’s first breakup. minisode 3: TOMORROW takes as its theme the promises we make to ourselves as we grow. In lead single “Deja Vu,” Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai sing to their past selves, comforting the versions of themselves who first dreamed of success. Designed as an optimistic progression from TXT’s previous release, 2023 studio album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, minisode 3: TOMORROW is ultimately about finding courage and comfort in an uncertain world: “There’ll be no more sorrow/I’ll see you there tomorrow.” Here is what Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai had to say about each of the tracks: “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” Beomgyu: “This song will instantly make you feel better with its catchy chorus melody. I think it really captures the sleek freshness of our sound.” “- --- -- --- ·-· ·-· --- ·–” Soobin: “There’s a title that’ll catch people’s attention—it’s Morse code for ‘tomorrow.’” “Deja Vu” Yeonjun: “This one features our heartfelt vocals, with lyrics that will remind you of our earlier stuff. We’re also bringing something a bit different to this song—I hope you find it as exciting as we do!” “Miracle” HueningKai: “The lyrics on this song are so warm and tender. It’s about how every moment spent with you is like a miracle. It’s also got a moving melody that will get you right in the feels. ❤️” “The Killa (I Belong to You)” Soobin: “This is the first track from our hyung line unit. It’s got a sultry, sexy vibe to it.” Yeonjun: “This groovy track is packed with pure hyungaz sexiness!” “Quarter Life” Beomgyu: “This song has great lyrics. The more you pay attention to the words, the more you’ll get into this track.” Taehyun: “The theme here was to spread consolation and empathy for everyone in our generation today. That sentiment really comes across in the chorus where we’re shouting.” HueningKai: “The song is about the things we feel—the worries and anxieties—as we hit the quarter mark in our lives. I hope many listeners find it relatable and uplifting.” “Deja Vu (Anemoia Remix)” Taehyun: “In this version, we toned down some of the bold flashiness of the original, so that you can focus more on the song’s emotional side. It has its own little charm that I hope many will appreciate.”

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