Loveless Unbeliever

Loveless Unbeliever

It took a band of eight to create this lush pop confection. Loveless Unbeliever is the delectable full-length debut from Wales’ the School (not to be confused with the harder-rocking the School from Norway, also here on iTunes). Vocalist/keyboardist and songwriter Liz Hunt’s voice is wispy-thin and light as a bubble, much like Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura, while musically the band is closer to the ‘60s retro sound of the Carrots and the Pipettes. With cool reverb, jangling bells, horns and violins, the School embrace pop music (and vintage American figureheads like Phil Spector, the Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach) with a joyful reverence, giddy with the possibilities of youthful reinvention. A plethora of amazing tunes like “Let It Slip,” “Can’t Understand,” “The One Who Left Me,” and the ridiculously melodic “Is He Really Coming Home” are scattered throughout Loveless Unbeliever, each one feeling more perfectly crafted than the last. We don’t need to be told to pay attention to the School; we’re rapt students already.

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