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4.6 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

cab3za ,

llorar lloviendo

the cd is hot the beats are nice and toby has a voice...good cd

polo29 ,

Toby Love's Love is Back

After Toby Love's self-titled debute album, "Toby Love", Love comes back with his second studio album, "Love is Back".

Here it is:

Llorar Lloviendo 4.5/5 - Being the first single off the album, it was no doubt that this was going to be a off da chain album. the proudction of this song was suprebe and the vocals were beast. the bachata beats and drums give the song a mellow tone to it makin in more relaxable. overall, a decent track on the album.

Happy Valentine's 4/5 - the lyricall message is somethin that everyone can relate to. Valentine is indeed the holiday of love and thats why its on this album. the production was adequete but the vocals were off da chain.

Tú y Yo 4/5 - this song has a crazy guitar solo and has great backround guitar playin also. the vocals were beast, as usual and the beat goes a lil faster which makes the song a lil bit more of a dance track.

Amor Primero 3/5 - this song is another of those songs where just listen to it. its not a WOW or somethin like that. its a average bachata merenge song.

Atrapado 3.5/5 - the lyricall message was very deep. "Trapped" (translation), trapped in a cage without you. the production was nothing special and the vocals were not great this time, just normal.

Rum and Coke 5/5 - this song is a song that makes you wanna get up and shake it, no jp jp. but it makes you wanna dance. the beat goes faster which gives you that feeling and the song title should make you think that. the featured guest, BHaze drops down some off da chain verses on the track and the vocals of Lover were suprebe. overall, the best track off the album.

Glamourous Girl 2.5/5 - there is no lyricall message what-so-ever. the vocals were cool but the produciton was nothing special, or the beat. just anotha bachata song.

Sex With My X 2/5 - this is a lil to mature for the younger crowd but for us its ok. there is really nothin good about the track. nothin whatsoeva except his vocals which are always like that.

Get Up 3.5/5 - woooooo a whole 360 for Toby, goin from Latin Bachata to Hip-Hop/Rap production and beat. but this song doesnt want to make anyone, "Get Up". the production was off da chian but other than that, thats pretty much it.

Como Tú 2.5/5 - another track that is nothin special about it except for the vocals.

Shame Girl 3.5/5 - it almost has the same production as Toby Love's first single, Tengo un Amor except for the fact that it's speet up. there is nothing special about it except for the lyricall message which some people can relate to.

Irreplacaeable 1/5 - WORST TRACK OFF THE ALBUM.

Dímelo 3/5 - the production of this track was amazin. it was somethin i never heard before in my life. but again same bachata beat and same vocals.

Llorar Lloviendo (Pokerface Remix) 2.5 - horrible remix. i only gave it a 2.5 because it was the first single off the track.

Top 5:

5) Atrapado
4) Tu y Yo
3) Happy Valentine's
2) Llorar Lloviendo
1) Rum and Coke

A Must Download:

1) Rum and Coke (feat. BHaze)

Boom!OuttaHere ,

Great Album!!

Songs 2, 4, & 12 are good buys. #4 - Tu y Yo - Love the Woman's voice on this song. Overall Toby did a solid job an the album.

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