Love Hallucination

Love Hallucination

Progressive development as an artist isn’t as easy as it looks, but Jessy Lanza’s Love Hallucination has all the hallmarks of a leap forward. The Canadian producer and musician has always drawn from a catalog of dance music spiked with a sly pop sensibility. Part of this comes from the ferment Lanza draws from as a member of UK label Hyperdub, a singular incubator of unique electronic artists since the 1990s. But influences and collaborators can only do so much. Lanza has a voracious appetite for sounds, a musical magpie building something unique from the shimmering parts of techno, gqom, house, and drum ’n’ bass. You could hear that foundation being built on her 2021 DJ-Kicks installment, where considerate experimenting is the rule. But where her mix was built of ready-made parts fused together, Love Hallucination is all Lanza—though that almost wasn’t the case, as these songs were originally written for other artists before she decided to record them herself. By taking these tracks in-house, Lanza has channeled her anxieties, desires, and tastes into a musical vector, giving Love Hallucination heft and velocity. “Don’t Cry on My Pillow” mixes familiar jabs of romantic resentment with the thrum of industrial drums. The twin tracks “Drive” and “I Hate Myself” are breathy anti-mantras cradled by louche downtempo, the sound of a mind that can’t let go as the world swirls around it. On “Marathon,” Lanza nearly snarls under a glittery Y2K-era R&B beat to underline her pursuit of unapologetic physical pleasure.

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