Living Being II: Night Walker

Living Being II: Night Walker

On Living Being II: Night Walker, French accordionist Vincent Peirani reassembles the lineup from 2015’s original Living Being, juxtaposing the reedy, intimate sound of his instrument and Emile Parisien’s soprano saxophone with the electric haze of Tony Paeleman’s Rhodes piano and keyboards. With Julien Herné on electric bass and guitar, and Yoann Serra on drums, the group assumes an identity somewhere between a rock band, a jazz combo, and a chamber ensemble. Peirani’s writing for this tight, unorthodox unit can be as delicate as “Falling” or as startlingly intricate as “Le clown sauveur de la fête foraine.” He also reinterprets music by Henry Purcell (“What Power Art Thou”), Sonny Bono (“Bang Bang”), and Led Zeppelin (the highly effective “Kashmir to Heaven” suite). Valentin Liechti’s electronics on “Smoke & Mirrors” provide an ideal surprise to close out the set.

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