Livin' Like Hustlers

Livin' Like Hustlers

One of those early Westside groups that never really blew up nationally, despite some great wordplay and truly outstanding production, Above the Law came together in 1989, hailing from South Central Los Angeles and affiliated with N.W.A. This debut dropped the following year, with production overseen by Dr. Dre, who contributes a myriad of soulful loops and complex drum programming that would sound right at home on 100 Miles and Runnin' or No One Can Do It Better. Though lyrically they aren't as ultra-violent as their Compton cousins, they've still got the requisite gangsta jams like "Murder Rap," "Menace to Society," and "Another Execution." They are also purveyors of the baller/hustler mentality, exemplified on the hypnotic groove of "Ballin'," and team up with N.W.A and The D.O.C. on the posse-cut closer "The Last Song." The group (Cold 187um, KMG, DJ Total K-Oss, and Go Mack) would continue recording on and off for 15 years, but Livin' Like Hustlers is their defining moment, a slept-on Cali rap milestone and the perfect soundtrack to a sunny ride in a low-rider Impala.

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