Live at the US Festival

Live at the US Festival

Sponsored by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the US Festival was a four-day music fest that drew 670,000 people to San Bernardino, Calif., on a sweltering Memorial Day weekend in 1983. The event included one day for new wave, one for country, one for rock, and one for heavy metal, which was the day that Triumph performed the roaring set documented here. It was one of the biggest shows of this trio’s career, but the intimate sound quality of this live album (recorded directly from the mixing board) makes it sound like a club performance. Triumph thrived in this larger-than-life scenario. “Lay It on the Line,” “Magic Power,” and “Fight the Good Fight” are huge songs that demanded a huge crowd, and they only became more intense when removed from the safeguards of a recording studio. In 1983, Triumph were reaching the sweet spot of their career, finding a perfect balance between hard rock and pop on songs like “Follow Your Heart.” Yet on a day when they were competing for attention with Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe, among others, it was the vicious attack of “Allied Forces” and “Rock and Roll Machine” that cemented Triumph's reputation among heavy metal’s faithful.

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