Life On Earth - EP

Life On Earth - EP

Whether social distancing has your love life flourishing or falling apart, Summer Walker’s Life on Earth offers something for every mood. The Atlanta singer’s lithe voice, in addition to her ability to capture the nuances of romance—from the messiest feelings to the most blissful—makes her R&B some of the most striking and relatable around today. This five-song EP, her follow-up to 2019’s Over It, offers several opportunities to locate yourself within her musings—but even if you can’t, its mellowed production and buttery vocals are enough to take you away. Walker herself wrote a track-by-track overview of the project, exclusively for Apple Music. Let It Go “‘Let It Go’ is about when you are so blindly in love that you fail to see the person you're in love with for who they really are. After ignoring all the signs and your intuition, you get to a point where you just gotta let it go—and doing so will allow better love into your life in the long run.” SWV “SWV is an R&B trio who became one of the most successful R&B groups of the ’90s, and I reference their hits ‘Weak’ and ‘Rain’ in the song. But it's basically about loving someone so good that you make sure they don't leave.” My Affection “‘My Affection’ features and was written by PARTYNEXTDOOR.” White Tee “‘White Tee’ is another song featuring NO1-NOAH, and in the chorus he talks about treating someone like a white tee. You know you always wanna keep a white tee fresh and clean, but in my verse, I'm basically saying the opposite.” Deeper “‘Deeper’ was actually made around the same time we made ‘Playing Games’ last year. It's a song that talks about how to go deeper in love. In this scenario, say there’s a certain someone that you have fallen for and you all in but it don’t feel like y'all on the same page—you keep your heart open and believe all the sweet talk and promises they make. Over time, you get them to understand that it’s deeper than just saying you will do something—they actually gotta put forth real effort and keep their word.”

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