Last of a Dyin' Breed (Special Edition)

Last of a Dyin' Breed (Special Edition)

Lynyrd Skynyrd 2012 play classic rock with modern twists. Loud, growling guitars, more heavy than southern, dominate the soundscape, with "Homegrown" sounding like a contemporary hard rock band with a lock on the radio waves. "Ready To Fly" starts at the piano and builds into a full-band anthem, with the back-up vocals filling in the chorus with the experience of true veterans. Gary Rossington may be the only original member from the early days, but Johnny Van Zant never forgets that brother Ronnie's ghost lurks in everything they do. "Mississippi Blood" echoes their roots in the blues before steamrolling everything in sight. Rickey Medlocke has proven a strong guitar foil for the band and his muscled leads can be heard driving "Good Teacher." Former Marilyn Manson guitarist, John 5, returns for the politically charged "Nothing Comes Easy." The album's Special Edition is noteworthy for including four bonus cuts as strong, if not stronger, than the tunes on the proper album, with "Poor Man's Dreams," the juke piano rocker "Do It Up Right" and the moody "Sad Song" further leading the charge.

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