Kirari Remixes (Asia Edition)

Kirari Remixes (Asia Edition)

The twinkling dance pop of “Kirari” turned Fujii Kaze into a superstar. Released in 2021, the single found the burgeoning artist declaring his devotion to a special someone and proclaiming his commitment to positivity in uncertain times. Bolstered by a funky strut, “Kirari” cemented Kaze’s place in J-pop. The artist called on cutting-edge creators from all over the region to dissect and rearrange the chipper work for Kirari Remixes (Asia Edition). The project allowed Kaze to connect with Asian peers, while also offering boundary-pushing producers the chance to put their own spins on the track. The artists remixing “Kirari” kept the tempo up and the mood sparkling. Indonesia’s Naken reimagined Kaze’s song as a 2-step number, turning it into a speedier workout. Taiwan’s FunkyMo envisioned it as a shuffling party starter perfect for dusk, while South Korea’s DAUL aimed for something glossier on his decadent rework. The song’s original producer, Yaffle, stopped by to offer several mutations, highlighted by the thumping “Kirari (Kaze & Yaffle Just For Fun Remix),” with added percussive thrust and piano solos for dramatic flair.  The project also allowed for entirely new takes on “Kirari.” China’s Knopha created a glassier bed of synths for Kaze’s vocals to navigate. Indonesian experimentalist pxzvc stripped down the pop number, distilling it to voice and a loose beat for the first half, before reconfiguring it into a synth-pop extravaganza featuring warped samples of Kaze. Even Yaffle looked at his work with fresh eyes on his solo contribution, pitching the vocals up and letting them skitter over one another to create a disorienting interpretation. Kirari Remixes (Asia Edition) gives Kaze’s signature track new life in other artists’ hands.

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