Just Cause Y'all Waited 2

Just Cause Y'all Waited 2

The original 2018 Just Cause Y’all Waited mixtape was a way for Lil Durk to stay in touch with his fanbase while between label deals, but the stakes for the sequel are just a bit higher. “It was just an idea we came up with to see how can we get past this quarantine situation with everyone needing to stay in the house,” he says. The MC is continuously working on music and continues to record during the nationwide quarantine, but needed fans to know he hadn’t forgotten about them, even as he works toward another higher-profile release. “Me and Metro Boomin supposed to be doing a joint album called No Auto, but with the quarantine going on, it kind of slowed everything down,” Durk says. “So I was just being creative and felt like, while y'all waiting on me and Metro, let’s feed ’em this.” Below, the prolific Chicago MC talks us through Just Cause Y'all Waited 2 track by track, going deep on what we get for our patience. Different Meaning “If I'm in a relatable mode, I'll make all music to relate to the trenches, or to the streets, or just to the world. Whatever people are going through. This is not necessarily about somebody, it's just more relating and putting my thoughts together: what I've been through or somebody around me been through.” Street Affection “I was just in a mode where it’s like, people will be lying saying they your brothers and you put people that you just met before your [actual] brothers. As soon as you meet some people, they say, ‘I love you.’ It just be fake. Some people just use the word. ‘Love’ is a strong word.” 3 Headed Goat (feat. Lil Baby & Polo G) “Me and Lil Baby was in a studio and we did not finish the song. So I had the song on my hard drive. And then my hard drive crashed. I didn't have no sessions, only had [what I had recorded on my] phone and a little bit of the beat left playing. And then I just decided Polo G going crazy right now, I got to put Polo on there.” All Love “‘All love,’ that's how we brush shit off in Chicago. When somebody do something fake and they try to explain themself, you be like, 'It's all love.' What I got in my mind is, 'I ain't ever fucking with you no more.' It's like a nice way to dismiss somebody. It's really two ways: Somebody played you and you got love for them, you just tell them, 'Bet. It's cool. It's all love. We gon' get through it.' Or 'It's all love [meaning] I ain't fucking with you.'” Gucci Gucci (feat. Gunna) “I like Gucci, I like Rhude, I like different clothing lines, but it's like, if you an artist, you let the music talk to you. As soon as the beat came on, all I heard was 'Gucci.' So it ain't directly saying that [Gucci is] my favorite. It's just what I had on at the time.” Viral Moment "I know some real ones that would lose it all for a viral moment. You would probably betray your friend just to go viral. You would probably do something goofy that's not in your character just to go viral. You would probably tell, just to go viral. You would probably expose a girl or just do anything just to go viral.” 248 “I got the title from how long the song is. I was really just putting bars together and just riding the beat. Just feeling it. Whatever came to my head, honestly.” Triflin Hoes “Me and my brother Chief Wuk, we was in the studio. He was telling me, ‘Oh man, this female playing with me.’ She calling his phone private, telling him, ‘Woo woo woo…’ And a couple of the guys had hit her already. So instead of him being like, ‘I'm finna go on Instagram and put her on blast,’ I just made a song out of that.” Internet Sensation “You know how you have people look at people’s relationships and be like, ‘Oh, I want to be him,’ or ‘Well, look what she doing, look what he doing,’ and I'm just saying, 'Stick to it. Don't let the internet break it up.' So it’s just like a fun song, and it's for the females and anybody who’s open in their relationship on the internet.” Street Prayer “We was in the studio having a conversation about Muslims, Christians, Jews, and it's like, everybody makes it a big deal like, 'Oh, he's Muslim, he can't hang with no Christian.' It's so crazy, because people say stuff like that. I just put my creativity with it [to say] the streets need a prayer. The kids need a prayer who are out here dying. People who locked up, they need prayers. No matter what your religion is. Everybody needs a prayer.” Chiraq Demons (feat. G Herbo) “I don't know what their 'demon time' is, or 'demon talk,' I just know ours is, like, them old Chicago evil ways. Them days where we were just so turnt up. Not even the violence, just having fun and being able to be outside without being shot at. Metro Boomin had just left the studio and I was in 'no Auto-Tune mode,' so Herb was like, 'Let's do something like that,' and we just rocked it.” Doin Too Much “[This is for] the doubters. The haters. Everybody's saying, 'You ain't going to go as far. You ain't going to do this. You ain't going to achieve.' I grew up, look at me now. Basically like I'm shitting on them.” Broke Up in Miami “This is about me and India [Durk’s longtime partner]. She's in Miami with her friends—it’s so petty—she called me twice, I ain't answer. And I called her back and literally 10 minutes later, 'Why you ain't answer the phone!?' That’s why I said we broke up for 'five minutes.' Just another mood. When I was making the song, we already were cool.” Turn Myself In “I made this song a day before I turned myself in on my recent case. I wanted to let the world hear me and let them see what type of time I'm on before I go in. We got past it so we on a new vibe, but that song just means a lot.” Fabricated "When we do do good things, the media don't cover it. You gotta let it be known. And it ain’t just for the kids. I want doctors, I want judges, I want lawyers—different people to look at me like [in a positive light]. I want to be able to come to a doctor's house and have a conversation with them, or a lawyer house and have a conversation. I don't want to never be stuck on one level where it's like I can't talk to them or relate to them.”

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