In the Silence

In the Silence

The legend is already growing. It’s said that one in 10 Icelanders owns a copy of In the Silence, making Asgeir Trausti the fastest-selling artist in Iceland, ahead of Sigur Ros and Björk. His bright "folktronica" is dominated by surprising, pretty melodies and light, airy beats. “Summer Guest” flows with an indelible hook, and “King and Cross” positively bounces with joy in its step. Singer/songwriter John Grant translated the lyrics into English for the U.S. version of the album—and if they sound particularly experienced, consider that Asgeir’s 72-year-old father, Einar Georg Einarsson, was among the team of writers for the 20-year-old sensation. “Head in the Snow” displays a bit of The Shining in its stir-crazy winter assessment that “biting cold takes its toll on the body.” Sure, the vocal and orchestral beauty of “Torrent” fulfills the Bon Iver comparisons that are obviously deserved, but they aren't the entire picture by any means. Asgeir’s melancholy is his own, after all, and songs like “Was There Nothing?” and “Going Home” pulse with a personal, unique sense. The album closer—the gorgeous “Sooth This Pain”—is an iTunes bonus exclusive.

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