Hold On Now, Youngster

Hold On Now, Youngster

As if warning of dangerously youthful exuberance ahead, bucking like a rebellious pony, the title alone of Hold On Now, Youngster… portends great things. Fueled by skittery, hormonal-driven energy and a deep appreciation of early Brit-punk and current peers such as Arcade Fire and Architecture in Helsinki, Los Campesinos! is staggeringly clever, humorous, snotty, charming, abrasive, and romantic, oftentimes all in one song. Wisely including previously released (and much lauded) singles “Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s)” and “You! Me! Dancing!,” Hold On Now… contains a number of other potent tracks unafraid to step to the plate. “Death to Los Campesinos!,” “This Is How You Spell HAHAHA...,” and “We Are All Accelerated Readers” have the effervescent pianos, shouted choruses, careening guitars and joyous handclaps that now define the band. “Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats” moves at breakneck punk speed, “Drop It Doe Eyes” offers just a little breathing space with a twinkling glockenspiel, and violins swagger and waltz all over “…And We Exhale…”  “Enough is enough, and I’ve had enough!” whines Gareth Campesinos! If you haven’t had your fill, the band released a second album late in 2008 entitled We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

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