Hazed Dream

Hazed Dream

Making good on their moniker, Psychic Ills’ third studio album teems with heavylidded dream pop of the psychedelic variety. “Midnight Moon” sets the tone for Hazed Dream as a buzzing jaw-harp ushers in heavily reverberated guitar distortion, vintage organ drones, and six-string leads that recall The Brian Jonestown Massacre recalling The Velvet Underground. “Mind Daze” is a memorable, minimally constructed sliver of guitar-and-organ psych-pop that sounds like a gem from an old Bomp! Records catalog. Though Psychic Ills should be commended for crafting some downright catchy tunes, the two New Yorkers sound most comfortable when delving deep into their own mind-melting abyss. “Incense Head” finds Tom Gluibizzi and Tres Warren playing a warbling womblike mantra of spacey, smoky riffs and ‘60s tones under layers of slathered vocal effects. Similarly, both the Spanish-tinged “Mexican Wedding” and the sleepy-paced “Ring Finger” would have had Creation Records’ Alan McGee salivating in the early ‘90s.

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