Haunted Mountain

Haunted Mountain

Into the warm holler of slightly trippy indie Americana steps Buck Meek, a singer-songwriter who’s seen things and heard tell but still can’t quite figure out what the whole mess is about. Like the work of his day job, Big Thief, Haunted Mountain is the kind of road-trip-ready music whose technical intricacy never obscures its sheer childlike delight, from the cosmic comedy of “Cyclades” (in which he vividly recounts the death of his parents only to have them point out he was remembering it all wrong) to the solitary paradise of the haunted mountain from which he wouldn’t come down even if he could (but anyhow, he can’t). The guitars wash and twang and spread out like cirrus across the great American sky, and from somewhere in the middle projects his little-boy voice: “Now I know you like I think I know myself/Just a big mystery like everybody else” (“Where You’re Coming From”)—as good a place to start as any.

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