Geek the Girl

Geek the Girl

Much like Lisa Germano’s preceding album, Happiness, her third solo album, Geek the Girl stood out like a redheaded stepchild among 4AD’s early-'90s roster of ethereal post-goth bands like Cocteau Twins, His Name Is Alive, and the final installment of the This Mortal Coil trilogy. Here, “My Secret Reason” stumbles into the opening-song position with some of the awkwardness that Germano sings about throughout Geek the Girl, an autobiographically unsettling album chronicling her less-than-ideal coming-of-age experiences. “Trouble” taps into her emotional maturing with a natural-sounding balance of ethereal drones and rootsy tones. In the haunting trill of the title tack, we get a sense of Germano’s inner child struggling to succumb to the changes of womanhood and the realization of being judged uncool by her peers. The eerie guitar parts filtered through icy effects in “Cry Wolf” perfectly accompany Germano’s wounded and fragile vocals. Similarly, “Sexy Little Girl Princess” works in lilting six-string ambience, which subtly accentuates lyrics about the darker side of growing up too fast with a trembling subtlety and restraint.

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