Free At Last - EP

Free At Last - EP

Brooklyn MC Casanova spent the better part of 2018 proving to fans he’s much more than the mosh-pit-ready anthems (“Don’t Run,” “Set Trippin”) that have become his calling card. But “Relapse,” the opening track to this collaborative EP with seasoned hitmaker 30Roc, is proof that old habits die hard: The burly rapper pulls his skully down in the booth, promising, “If a n*gga move!/Then I lose my cool!/Then I blow my fuse!/End up on the news!” The project is not without its experimental moments—the gruff-voiced singing on “Like Me,” the Afrobeats-influenced “2AM” featuring Tory Lanez and Davido. But in the end, Casanova is exactly who he once told us he was, reaffirming this position on album closer “Steppin Out”: “I catch you slippin’, I’ma send yo ass to God.”

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