“It has all been discovered already,” Llane tells Apple Music. “My goal is to be as unique as I can be, with whatever tools I pick up from all around.” Since leaving Piso 21, the Colombian artist has actively explored Latin pop, reggaetón, and R&B through a series of releases, including his debut single, 2019’s “Más De Ti.” For Fino, his first solo album, he collects recent tracks, like “Alcancía” with KHEA and Reik, alongside new and previously unreleased songs that help to expand his repertoire globally. “It is much more than a mere song compilation,” Llane explains. “The goal is to bring all these organic elements to urban music so that people can enjoy and understand them.” Another key personality throughout this project was his producer Casta, who helps to build sonic bridges between contemporary R&B with tracks like “Pensamientos Oscuros” without sacrificing the Latin essence that has defined Llane’s career to date. Below, the singer guides listeners through each of Fino’s songs. “Oveja Negra” (feat. Masego) “I have always been the black sheep [‘oveja negra’] of the herd—the one swimming against the tide to find his own identity, his music, and his place in the world. My hope is that the public will identify with this song. When I met Masego, he asked me about Medellín, about my tattoos. He got involved with my story and he shared a little bit about his life in Jamaica. I love how he produced this track because it shows who I am; it completely represents me. It has a rhythm to dance to, along with lyrics that deeply motivate me.” “Fino” (feat. Danny Ocean) “I went to the gym with Danny Ocean and I had him listen to a few songs. He was so into this one that he hopped on our train. We might have had a hard time finding a hit, but then came ‘Fino’ and made it obvious. Everyone agreed. Including its lyrics, the entire song was made to dance. Recording the video in Mexico with Danny was an incredible experience. We somehow built a time machine to travel to the past and get love back, just like in the film Back to the Future.” “Más De Ti” “Both my first single and one of the most important tracks in my career. To be able to work with a producer like Sky [Rompiendo] was simply phenomenal. The first impression is the last impression, and he certainly helped me clarify my concept. This is a love song that talks about the initial stage in a relationship. I like having it on the album because it’s part of my history.” “Pensamientos Oscuros” “It’s one of the songs I made with Casta, which explains the sound of the organ, which was recorded live, and the drums, which are a little bit more present. It is dedicated to my fans. The lyrics are rough, as they bring up a moment in relationships when things are no longer in place. It is ideal for confessing the truth to your significant other, although I’m not sure many people will have the courage to do so. Above all, it resonates with what I have always wanted to do.” “Alcancía” (feat. Reik & KHEA) “Another of Casta’s productions. My intention was to include this new mix of rock and urban. The lyrics portray a reality that people can relate to. I loved being able to hit those high notes and sing those pop-style choruses. KHEA certainly adds that Argentinean touch I’m particularly fond of. The identity of Argentinean trap comes from rock, from Charly García and Soda Stereo. And of course, there’s Reik’s classic pop, which to me is a real pearl.” “Sueño” (feat. Omar Montes) “This was a collaboration with some members of Justin Bieber’s crew. I’m a big fan of his, and I like what he produces. Its melodies were translated into Spanish, so we needed someone who could bring that Latin vibe. In spite of coming from Spain, Omar has got a special connection with Latino people, and his rap exudes that street-y nature.” “Puñales” (feat. Boza) “I made this one with Boza, who comes from Panama. Not only is it easy to bond with the lyrics, but also it is a fresh and romantic song to dance to.” “Pose” “Women will relate to many elements of this track. It contains quite a few cool lines, like the one that says, ‘Toma pero solo malas decisiones’ [‘Make only bad decisions’]. Singing such high notes is insane. It definitely matches the essence of reggaetón or that of ‘Alcancía.’ It also shares the nostalgic vibe of ‘Será.’ It’s a song that sort of invites the listener to twerk and cry at the same time.” “Será” (feat. Manuel Turizo) “This song went through many versions. In the end, I chose the one I liked most in terms of production, and it was Albert Hype’s. He has done several nice collaborations with Bad Bunny. Although his field is mainly reggaetón, he focuses much more in the musical side rather than in the beats. The sound he achieves links me with God and calms me. It’s real chévere, especially because it once was a terribly painful song about asking for forgiveness in love. Manuel is a very close friend. I showed him a few of my ideas, and this was the one he liked the most. Having friends who believe in you is wonderful.” “Presente Y Futuro” (feat. Zion & Alvaro Diaz) “This one almost feels like an anthem because of what the lyrics mean to me. I wrote it with Bull Nene y KEITYN. Eventually, I had the chance to make it with Zion and include Alvaro Diaz’s rap. It makes me think that I have a good eye for what actually works in this industry. When you get to see how these talents are killing it out there, you start having faith in good music.” “Como Antes” “Originally, this wasn’t meant to be on the album, but it was too special to leave it off. It’s part of me, although it’s not necessarily in line with our concept, which is why we made it a bonus track. I had to include this piece because it’s tied to my mom, who passed away three years ago. It was her favorite song. I sense that sometime in my career I’ll try to approach this style once again. I do like having a song in my repertoire that is just perfect for a wedding.”

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