Feast of Wire

Feast of Wire

Tucson, Arizona's Calexico - featuring Giant Sand's Joey Burns (bass) and John Convertino (drums) as its core - play an eclectic mix of styles, tipping towards film composer Ennio Morricone's spaghetti westerns, '60s lounge pop, and surf instrumentals with hints of jazz and country sprinkled liberally throughout. Feast of Wire is their most disciplined release to date: a relaxed, subdued collection on the surface, it’s highlighted by short instrumental bursts of pedal steel, cello, synthesizers and whatever other instruments they happen to find. Burns takes a few solid turns at the mic, acting as a non-intrusive tour guide to the less-than-perfect world of "Sunken Waltz.” "Stevie Nicks" isn't quite the joke its title suggests, but rather a likeable folk song. Yet Calexico’s forte remains the instrumental ("Pepita," "Guero Canelo") where they seem to be scoring a soundtrack for a movie following outlaws around a desert where aural hallucinations haunt their dreams.

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