Even the Sun Will Burn

Even the Sun Will Burn

With a name roughly translating to “Let It Go” in Somalian, Iska Dhaaf claim that their songs are inspired by Sufi poetry, social mores, international conflict, and “searing self-reflection.” The duo of singer/guitarist Nathan Quiroga and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Verdoes might do better to promote their skeletal grooves and shimmering textures, which remind one more of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, and other late-‘70s/early-'80s groups than the psychedelia they’re aiming for. Surely, audiences in Seattle attend their shows not for the social mores but to see if the band can live up to the hooky drama of their first two singles, “All the Kids/Two Ones” and “Happiness/Rumi.” This album features all four songs, immediately improving the set regardless of how the remaining material handles itself. “Sleepwalkers” throws garage-rock organ into a mix of arty rhythms, unison vocals, and various sound effects. The more compact tunes work best, though the tribal glory of “General Malaise” earns its four-plus minutes. Exciting moments with room to grow. Get in early.

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