Dwight Spitz

Dwight Spitz

A true multi-dimensional artist, musician/producer/emcee/singer Count Bass D first hit the scene with his cult favorite Pre-Life Crisis, striking a chord with hip-hop fans longing for something more interesting than the usual gangster shenanigans. Classically trained, his refined sense of composition and ear for melody is miles ahead of most, and both are in full effect on Dwight Spitz, his third full-length (and arguably best) in an impressive discography. A potpourri of unorthodox drum programming, left-field sample selection, and freaky synth lines set the tone for the Count's whimsical verbals, referencing jazz legends, religious scripture, and love for his family and friends. Despite its 24 track length, the playlist cruises along at a swift pace, thanks to a diverse style of material, smattering of likeable skits, and some great one-verse mini-jams. Highlights include the woodwind-laced dedication to wifey "Seven Years", Hill Street Blues chop "Blues For Percy Carey," and the sublimely funky "Take Control." Quality guest spots come from MF DOOM and Edan, among others, but its Dwight — Count Bass D himself — who remains the star of the show.

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