Dreamin' Wild

Dreamin' Wild

Now here’s a delightful obscurie-but-goodie unearthed by Seattle's venerable reissue label Light in the Attic. In the late '70s, Donnie and Joe Emerson were teenage brothers with stars in their eyes, living in rural Washington. Dreamin’ Wild was recorded in a home-built studio and later released on their own label, Enterprise & Co. The result is a charming take on the power pop and funky soul popular at the time. The playing (mostly executed by Donnie; Joe drummed) and content are slightly “off” throughout, but not to a Shaggs or “Cousin Mosquito” level of outsider-dom. The Emersons crafted their own semi-rural DIY aesthetic while shooting for urban rock and soul stardom. What can only be termed as actual innocence is on wonderful display throughout. How else to explain the amiable “Dream Full of Dreams," which sounds like the lead-up to “Dreamweaver” extended for six minutes? The absolute standout is the gorgeous “Baby”; it really could have been a hit, and in fact it's among the finest yacht rock slow-jam soul-croon songs you’ll ever hear.


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