Do It Again

Do It Again

Robyn may be an international pop star, but she hasn't forsaken the more underground (or unlikely) artists she’s befriended and admired over the years. She’s collaborated with The Knife, Teddybears STHLM, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few, and her old pals Röyksopp make especially fine musical partners. Her pop-flavored EDM energy combines effortlessly with Röyksopp's more downbeat, mood-inducing style. That's apparent from the get-go on “Monument,” a tune that starts with a comfortable heartbeat wrapped in a samba, only to slowly morph into an ultra-mellow, warmly hissing synth note that keeps time for a slithering saxophone. It’s 10 minutes of bliss, kept alive at times by the sparest layering of percussion and synth whispers, and it’s sublime. “Do It Again” and “Say It” are dancefloor polishers, with the latter hinting at Röyksopp’s Kraftwerk influences and the former a frothy celebration of doing what we want (and doing it again). (A remix collection with versions of “Do It Again” was released shortly after the EP.) 

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