Def Jam 40: Ladies Mix (DJ Mix)

Def Jam 40: Ladies Mix (DJ Mix)

“I felt honored when asked to do this mix—it’s an opportunity to honor the women who came before me and paved the way,” Fiona Hall tells Apple Music. “Def Jam is one of the most significant labels of all time and created a space for hip-hop and R&B artists. I grew up listening to this kind of music, hence why I specialize in hip-hop.” The London DJ has been tasked with digging through the Def Jam vaults to put together a set of tracks celebrating the trailblazing women who’ve appeared on the legendary label. The first cut she knew she had to include was Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” “It’s an iconic song and still gets a great reaction in the clubs today, despite the fact that it’s almost 14 years old,” says Hall. “It’s also a personal favorite! ‘Promises’ by Jhené Aiko also has a very special place in my heart as it’s about losing someone you care about, which is something I’ve recently experienced. Also, ‘Say I’ by Christina Milian, as it’s about self-belief and having the determination to be the best version of yourself, and striving to greatness. This resonates with me a lot.” The mix is stacked with influential and impactful artists—including Mariah Carey, Ashanti, Teairra Marí, and Charli Baltimore—but two names stand out as particular inspirations for Hall. “All of the ladies are hugely inspiring but if I had to choose I would probably say Foxy Brown, as she was such a trailblazer in her time and helped create a space for other women in the industry,” she says. “I would also choose Rihanna as she achieved true global success both inside and outside of the music industry, which has led to her becoming a billionaire…and you know we love that! [I hope this mix brings listeners] vibes and some nostalgia too.”

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