Coming to Terms

Coming to Terms

Frontman Chad Wolf hails from South Carolina and his bandmates are Swedish, but fans of sensitive-guy Britpop bands like Coldplay and the Verve will take an immediate liking to Carolina Liar's major label debut Coming to Terms. It's got synth-heavy riffs, crystalline production, an androgynous singer with heartthrob good looks, and love songs meant for romance. Indeed, just about anyone who likes well-crafted pop songs with lyrics that are equally witty and sentimental can get into this filler-free album, as every song is strong enough to either start or close a set with. Although the opening hit "I'm Not Over" is slathered in layers of studio wizardry, underneath it all stands a strong song with catchy melodies and lyrics that hinge on a universal empathy of being hung-up on someone. The wiry, new-wave influenced "Last Night" begs for fashionably hip young kids in angular haircuts to strut their stuff at a club that hosts DJs partial to Interpol and the Killers. "Show Me What I'm Looking For" is a heart-conquering ballad that's much too strong to be drowned under the aural condiments of its heavy production.

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