Can't Get Past the Lips

Can't Get Past the Lips

This debut from Tulsa, Okla.-based Broncho is masterful in delivering both punchy hooks and aggressive, vintage-flavored punk. One might say Broncho has brought pop fizz into the garage, and the result is a deliciously messy bit of raucous fun. Frontman Ryan Lindsey sounds just tough (or blasé) enough not to notice his hair might be on fire while he’s riding the incendiary guitars and furious bass lines on tracks like “Get Off My Reservations” and “Can’t Get Past the Lips.” The swirling vortex of “Insert Coin” moves like a slowly forming moshpit, while “Losers” and “Blown Fuse” could have come from Iggy Pop’s Raw Power days. “Record Store” and “Pick a Fight” are all hunched, surf swagger, while “Try Me Out Sometime” is a tasty piece of hard bubblegum you won’t want to spit out. It’s hard to believe Lindsey is also part of the poppier Starlight Mints, but this speaks to his versatility as an artist and writer. (Check out his 2006 solo record White Paper Beds for a surprisingly mature-sounding pop record that would fit nicely alongside records by The Morning Benders or Local Natives.)

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