“Whatever I do/Now you just keep your eyes on me,” K-pop girl group ITZY sings on “UNTOUCHABLE,” the thumping, energetic lead single from their 10-track album BORN TO BE. The fourth-generation Korean quintet has proven itself a force to be reckoned with since their 2019 debut. BORN TO BE delivers more signature charismatic dance tracks that allow the performance-oriented group to shine, including the aforementioned “UNTOUCHABLE,” pre-release singles “BORN TO BE” and “Mr. Vampire,” and “Dynamite” (not that one) and “Escalator.” But perhaps its most exciting contribution to the ITZY discography is five solo songs (including one from main vocalist Lia, on hiatus during BORN TO BE’s promotions)—a first for the girl group. Each of the five solo tracks includes lyrical input from its respective member, allowing them to put their individual stamps on the songs. Yeji’s “Crown on My Head” is a rock ballad about the pressures of ruling the K-pop roost. Lia’s “Blossom” is an R&B exploration of growing for oneself: “I’ll call myself a flower/’Cause I really want, I really want/I truly want to be bloomed.” Ryujin’s “Run Away” is a tonally diverse pop-rock banger about the power of being the one to let go. In the smooth, sultry “Mine,” Chaeryeong sings to someone she knows has feelings for her, asking for them to admit it. Finally, Yuna’s “Yet, but” completes the solo set with a gloriously bubblegum K-pop ode to self-confidence in bloom: “Flawless, that’s what you are/I mean, maybe you don’t know it yet, but.”

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