Bohemian Tales

Bohemian Tales

Characterized by lively dances, burning passion, and an overarching introspective melancholy, the rich folk heritage of Bohemia—now part of the Czech Republic—provided fruitful pickings for many of its composers. In Dvořák’s Violin Concerto, virtuoso Augustin Hadelich and orchestra dig deep for its fiery opening movement, emerging in high spirits for the lyrical final flourish with its traditional, joyous “dumka” interlude. But this wonderful album is much more than a concerto recording and its heart lies in its soulful works for piano and violin—Janáček’s jittery, unsettling Violin Sonata is the perfect marriage of folk and modernism, while Josef Suk wears his Bohemian heart on his sleeve in the ravishing 4 Pieces. The two final Dvořák miniatures are heartwarming bonuses.

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