Best Behavior

Best Behavior

The brainchild of Titus Andronicus touring guitarist Pete Feigenbaum, Dinowalrus makes electronic-based dream pop that's getting more accessible with each release. Feigenbaum's exploration of sound and hooks means songs like "Phone Call from the Edge" and "Beth Steel" do more than simply ponder their sound; they actually reach out to grab listeners with gutsy riffs and vocal lines. Touches of New Order can be heard in the grand electronic buildup, with "Rico" crossing over even further to recall early-'00s dance floors (and sounding more in line with the group's previous album, %). Patrick Stickles from Titus adds his space shoes to the gravity-defying atmospherics of "What Now." Synths dominate the sound, with bassist and synth man Liam Andrew playing an important second fiddle in the sound construction. "Radical Man" kicks off with manic synth arpeggios before finding its gritty groove and pop affections. This is dance music for people who still love pop songs and like an occasional challenge.

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