Back in Black

Back in Black

After 30 years and an incalculable number of rhymes about blunts, joints, and hits from the bong, Cypress Hill return with Back in Black, the 10th entry in their brilliant, steadily paced catalog. Wise and seasoned veterans, the Los Angeles rap legends from South Gate spit rhymes that are as sharp and incisive as ever, reminding fans of their legacy alongside more nuanced perspectives on blazing and owning entire grow houses. They’ve also traded the booming, psychedelic, and often dark beats of longtime producer DJ Muggs for some gritty, slamming boom-bap from revered Detroit beatsmith Black Milk. The result is a record that sonically pivots without forsaking the group’s roots. Between nostalgic glances at their formative years (“Takeover”) and avowals of hometown pride (“The Original”), B-Real and Sen Dog pen righteous screeds on the pitfalls of marijuana legalization (“Open Ya Mind”) and deservedly beat their chests in celebration of outlasting their peers (“Champion Sound”).

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