Anyways, Life’s Great…

Anyways, Life’s Great…

Early adopters of Memphis spitter and recent CMG signee GloRilla will recognize the title of the MC’s debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great..., as a quip from her breakout hit “F.N.F (Let’s Go).” But if the bars on the rest of the EP are any indication of what the woman born Gloria Hallelujah Woods has in store for fans, she’ll have project titles until her dying days, and plenty of demand for them. Woods, who was still riding high from the success of “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” as well as the Cardi B collaboration “Tomorrow 2” upon the release of Anyways, Life’s Great..., has a gruff rhyme style that strikes a perfect balance between bravado and relatability, something she attributes to taking the time to develop who she was on the mic. “My normal voice, it ain't all soft and stuff, like a normal female voice,” she tells Apple Music. “So when I first started rapping, I used to try to sound girly. I really just had to find myself, find my voice and how I rap. And I really got a Memphis sound, too.” For the well-informed, that much is apparent from her accent and the way she punctuates some of her statements with “mane,” as she does frequently across the EP. What she also does is tell fair-weather fans about themselves (“No More Love”), take disappointing sexual partners to task (“Nut Quick”), celebrate how far she’s come as an artist (“Blessed”), and take off her cool to get vulnerable (“Out Loud Thinking”). Runaway success like the kind GloRilla first encountered with “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” has been the downfall of plenty a promising MC, but to let her tell it, having a hit right out of the gate only gave her a blueprint for success. “I learned to rap how I feel and to keep putting out that real authentic shit,” she says of “F.N.F”'s reception. “And to continue to smoke weed, because I was high as a motherfucker when I wrote that song.” Below, GloRilla sheds even more light on a few key tracks from Anyways, Life’s Great.... “PHATNALL” “Out here in Memphis—a lot of people do this all over the world—when people die, they get their names tatted on their face. So I’m like, my ex is really dead to me. They so dead to me, I might get their name tatted on my face.” “Tomorrow 2” (feat. Cardi B) “My team was tryna surprise me [with a Cardi guest verse], but I ended up finding out because I was texting her to get on another song and she ended up telling me! She sent me the verse and I was like, ‘Oh my god! She killed this.’" “Blessed” “I made ‘Blessed’ after I had linked with [CMG founder Yo] Gotti. We was in New York—this was before we had went public about the signing—and I was just feeling super blessed. Like that was a time when everything was just happening for me. My life was changing. And that’s just how I came up with that. Just in the studio, high, smoking weed.” “Nut Quick” “There's a lot of dudes out here that nut quick. They be cool and all, they just got sexual problems. I know a lot of females feeling me. Like, you cool, but you just nut quick.” “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” “A lot of times I record something and I’ll be like, ‘Ooh, this the one.’ I say that about a lot of my songs. ‘F.N.F,’ it just really happened to be the one. So when that song blew up—when I first posted the trailer—I started seeing a change then.” “Out Loud Thinking” “I was going through a really rough time in my life when I recorded this song. I remember I was in line at the drive-through at Taco Bell mixed with KFC. I was just playing a beat and I shed a couple tears and thought of writing that song.”

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