All the Young Dudes (Expanded Edition)

All the Young Dudes (Expanded Edition)

Mott the Hoople were about to disband, frustrated with poor sales and an inability to capture their live energy on record, when David Bowie, just about to launch into his “Ziggy Stardust” phase, offered to produce their next album, penning the title track that became one of the glam rock era’s most identifiable anthems. Bowie not only caught the band’s energy, but also produced a definitive album that best represents early ‘70’s rock’s strongest assets: tough guitars, spirited rockers, a singer in Ian Hunter who comes across as one of rock’s true believers, and a sense of fun and mischief that future punk groups would take to heart. The album begins with a light and swinging version of “Sweet Jane,” a then-obscure track by the Velvet Underground whose singer, Lou Reed, Bowie was also producing an album for in 1972 (Transformer). The band’s originals were among their most fully realized as “Momma’s Little Jewel” and “One of the Boys” displays the band’s loose, funky street-swaggering side. “Ready for Love / After Lights” showcases a tune that guitarist Mick Ralphs would bring with him to his next group, Bad Company. The expanded edition contains seven bonus cuts, including a version of “Dudes” with David Bowie singing lead, a live “Sweet Jane” and “Sucker” from a successful night at the Hammersmith Odeon, along with several worthy demos.

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